How to travel by bus in Iran ?

No doubt that this is the most used transportation in Iran. Consider that there always be a bus going where you want to. Every city or village has a bus station or at least a bus stop. Tehran has 4 national bus stations (terminal) The western bus station (terminal-e gharb) is the biggest of Tehran. You’ll find here most of the international buses (Yerevan, Irak, Turkey) et domestic lines for all cities located on the western side of Iran. The eastern bus station (terminal-e Shargh). Mostly buses heading to Khorasan et some taxis going to the northern part of the country. The southern bus station (terminal-e jonnob) is certainly the biggest of the country. You’ll find buses for all the cities located south of Tehran and even for Mashhad. The Beihaghi bus station (terminal-e Beihaghi) is located next to the Argentina Square (about 1km south of the Mosala metro station (ligne 1)) and is easily reachable by taxi khati (straitght taxi)). Buses are leaving for most of the important cities of Iran like Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, etc. You don’t need to book a seat for the journeys between the most touristic cities of Iran. Just show up at the bus station corresponding to your destination. You’ll easily find your ticket office as touts will direct you. There are two classes of buses: standard ones and the VIP. For long journeys, I would definitely recommend you the VIP ones that are like a first class in a plane. To give you an idea of prices and timetables of buses in Iran from Tehran, here is a list of services from the Royal Safar Iran company usually considered as the best of Iran. Website of the company: (english timetables are not up-to-date).


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