How to cross the persian Gulf?

There are many ferry lines crossing the Persian Gulf. You’ll find on this page all the informations you need to come to Iran from the United Arab Emirates or Kuwait. Please note that there are no ferries going to Iran from March the 16th to April the 4th (dates change every year as they correspond to the Iranian national holidays of the new year (Nowruz)).

How to cross the Persian Gulf from?

The United Arabs Emirates

The ferry form Bandar Abbas to Sharjah

Timetables of the ferries:

Bandar Abbas-Sharjah: Monday and Wednesday at 09:00pm Sharjah-Bandar Abbas: Sunday and Tuesday at 09:00pm. The journey is between 10 and 11 hours long. Timetables may change. Contact the company before your journey to check all the informations. This crossing is particularly advised for those travelling with their car as the staff seems more professional than the others. Fares (December 2015): 300 Dirham per passenger 1300 Dirham per moto 30 Dirham for port taxes 25 Dirham to get in the port (access fees) If you travel with a car you can choose whether you pay in Bandar Abbas in Iranian Rials or in Sharjah in Dirham. Fares may change with seasons.

Where and how to book?

Bandar Abbas: Head to the office of the Valfajr company located in the Shouth Seas Shipping Company). At the second floor of the company, go to the second to last office on your left. Sharjah: We advise you to book your tickets at the office of “Al Hili Marine Services”, especially if you travel with a car. Address of the travel agency:  Al Khan Road, Sharjah Ground Floor, Al Ikhias Tower, PO Box 27522, Sharjah Tel: +97165288575, Fax: +97165288574, GPS location : (GPS: 25.329202, 55.367520 ou 25°19’45.1″N 55°22’03.1″E).

Are you travelling with your car of a moto?

We advise you to get there one day in advance.

From Bandar Abbas?

Be ready for a lot of formalities. Be at the port in the early morning (before 09:00 am) to make sure you’ll have enough time to complete everything. A race against time is starting. You have to get stamps and certificates from dozens of offices all around the port. It’s gonna take hours. These very same offices that close right after lunch time. Make sure you’re efficient and you don’t loose any time. Once you’re done with formalities, you can have something to eat at the cafeteria located on the second floor of the main building. Then? Wait. Wait till the departure of the ferry. Make sure you brought some books or something to do.

From Sharjah

Al Hili Marine Services can complete all the formalities for you. Bring enough cash with you as they don’t accept credit cards. Consider that it’s gonna take around 4 hours for customs. This map of the port shows where is the office you have to show up,55.36758,1,0,0;25.35849,55.37677,1,0,0&&0,0

I don’t speak farsi! What about custom formalities in Iran?

Avoid to arrive in Iran during public holidays. You can check the calendar on this website : Once you’re at the port, you should deal with a taxi driver in order to deal with your formalities. Expect to pay around 50$ to the guy. It could seem expensive, but as everything is in persian it is worth it. Again, it’s gonna take around 4 hours to complete everything.

What should I do once i’m on board?

Once on board you can stay in you car or have a walk on the deck. It’s your call.

Bandar Lengeh – Dubai


Bandar Lengeh – Dubai: Sunday et Tuesday at 10:00 pm. Dubai-Bandar Lengeh: Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 pm. The journey is between 5 and 6 hours long. Bandar Lengeh-Dubai: Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 am. Dubai-Bandar Lengeh: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 pm. The journey is between 4 and 5 hours long. As you probably noticed, there are two ferries linking the two cities. The second one is for pedestrians only (no car) and is faster.

Where and how to book?

In Dubaï : Al-Rais travel : In Bandar Lengeh : Valfajr Shipping Co. :




Khorramshahr-Kuwait: Saturday and Wednesday at 11:00 am. Kuwait-Khorramshahr: Sunday and Thursday at 10:30 am. Ferry for pedestrians only. Check-in at least 3 hours before the departure.

Where to obtain a visa for Iran :

You’ll find on this website the addresses of all Iranian consulates around the world :


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