How to dress in Iran ?

Undoubtedly the biggest concern amongst foreign travellers is the dress code.

How to dress in Iran as a woman?

It is mandatory in Iran for women to cover their hair in all public places.  Thus it is vital to bring a scarf, however as a foreigner the Iranian police are generally more tolerant of tourists if there scarf is showing too much hair, so it’s rare for any harassment from the authorities except for a word. In Qom unlike the rest of the country where it’s more conservative avoid showing any hair in any circumstances.  Other then the scarf female travellers must wear long sleeve shirts and jackets, that cover the pelvic region.

How to dress in Iran as a man?

 Less constrained then the women’s dress code but nevertheless must be followed. It is socially unacceptable to wear shorts outside of designated beaches or sports grounds. T-shirts are common however it must have at least short sleeves.


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