Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport – City Centre

How to go to Tehran city centre from the International Airport Imam Khomeini?

By taxi:

The international airport Imam Khomeini in Tehran is located 60 kilometres far from Tehran city centre. At this very moment, the government is building the extension of the line 1 of the metro that should link the airport in the coming years.   For now, you have to take a taxi or a bus.   As soon as you get out from the airport, and not even the building but you just passed the custom controls, you’ll hear plenty of “taxi? Taxi? Taxi? Taxi??”. A flock of drivers are flagging you down and try to take you to your destination.
There are plenty of hotel in Tehran. Which one to choose? It’s your call.
The company Seiro Safar has many cars waiting right on the forecourt of the airport. The easiest way to go to Tehran is to deal with this company. Relatively confortable and ready cars, but a little more expensive prices. You’ll easily recognize their drivers as they dress like airline pilots although their uniform are worn.   How much it costs?   The answer with a photo.


Price of different kinds of taxi at the Imam Khomeini international airport in Tehran

Please note that you can bargain prices. If cars from Aero Safir will ask you this amount, usual taxis will take a little less. I usually pay my rides between the airport and the north of Tehran 500 000 IRR (50 toman : check out our article on Money in Iran). If you travel on budget, then you can expect to pay your ride 50 000 toman and not 60 000 and more. Well, it’s only 2$ of difference …

Travelling on budget? Bus+metro from the airport

A bus is taking passengers on daytime (metro is open from 05:30 am to 11:00pm) from the airport to the closest metro station.   The airport is located a one hour ride away from the city centre. Note that if you leave airport at 6:00 am, you’ll reach the centre around 07:00am during the rush hours.


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