Find your way in the Iranian tube

Metro in Tehran is quite well developed and is improved every year. In 2016, the line 3 of the tube is only partially open. With the five lines of Tehran’s metro, you’ll be able to go everywhere you want in Tehran quite fast.

When you choose your hotel, consider that the northwestern part of Tehran is not connected to the metro. During rush-hours it could be problematic as it often takes more than 2 hours for a ride that usually takes only 20 minutes by car. With a metro every 10 minutes (only 3 minutes during rush hours on main lines), metro is the most appropriate way to explore the capital of Iran.

For information regarding the metro (timetables, maps, to plan your trip, etc) Metro is open from 5:30am to 11:00pm and names of stations are both in Persian and in English.

A mobile application for tourists

A mobile application is available for free for foreigners visiting Tehran  :

What is to take metro in Iran as a woman?

Trains have a woman-reserved wagon at the front and the back of every train. However, if men are not allowed to get in, women can travel safely in mixed wagons. Even if you travel as a solo woman, you don’t have to get in the women-only wagons. It’s your call. Although men are the majority in the mixed-parts, they are not men-only.

How much is a metro ticket? Where to buy it?

You can buy your ticket at every entrance of the metro in Tehran.

You have two kinds of tickets :

One journey: 6000 Rials Two journeys : 10 000 Rials.

You can use also the interurban transportation card.


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