How to get a cab in Iran?

The answer is pretty easy. On working days, no need to call anyone. Just stand along the road and wait for a car to stop. Usually you’ll not wait even for a minute. In Iran, you don’t look for a cab, they are looking for you. So just stand along the road and you’ll have a bunch of cars trying to take you wherever you want. If you already saw a map of Tehran, you probably noticed that the city is like a growing shelf. Taxis just work with it …

The shared taxis : cheap and straight

The first kind of taxis you’ll get are straight (mostaqim) taxis. Called khati (straight), these taxis take you from the the two beginning of the street to the end of it and vice-versa. This ride should cost you between 1000 and 2000 toman (0,25-0,5$). Just spot the parked cars at the beginning of every main road in Tehran to get your ride.

A private ride : “the closed door” (dar bast)

The other solution, though more expensive, probably more convenient for tourists. The “dar bast” taxi, literally “closed door”. These taxis are similar to the one you probably know. Just tell the driver your destination and define the price before going. A few taxis are equipped with a taximeter although I never saw any driver switching it on.

Taxi agencies : an all-inclusive service

If you’re staying at any hotel and want to go somewhere but you don’t speak farsi the easiest solution will probably to call for an agency. Just ask the reception of any hotel to call a cab for you. The advantage is that you don’t have to bargain the price that has been defined before the car comes. No difference in the fare between locals and foreigners.
Last thing but not least, if you have to move around at night, agence is safer. Try to avoid to get in random cabs you’ll find in the empty streets at night.


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