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Shiraz the city of flowers and nightingale


Shiraz is big city in Fars province and it s very famous cause the ancient culture ,beautiful garden, famous poets, Shrines and nice people.
in this tour i want join you to exploring just a very small part of this eternal beauty.
you deserve the best.
lets try it and enjoy together.

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Description of the tour


Start exploring Shiraz the city of beautiful garden, Roses and poem
We start our tour by visiting Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque that it is famous as pink mosque. This mosque is very beautiful and colorful. You can see different architecture style.
Next we visit Narenjestan Qavam .it is beautiful exterior house of Qavam family it is decorated very well. It has wonderful mirror room (king seat) and miserable story behind.
This two monuments are Qajarid ones then we continue walking to zand part of city and discovering the Zand complex (Bazaar ,Bath ,Mosque and Arg)
The next place we want visit is Vakil bath and then Vakil mosque then we start walking in vakil Bazaar. Vakil bazaar is roofed bazaar. Walking in the bazaar is really enjoyable we can see different kind of fabrics , traditional clods , beautiful Iranian handmade carpet , different spices and etc.
Then we go for lunch in traditional restaurant. I suggest Saray Mehr cause of it good quality and price. We can try Dizy( traditional Iranian dish ) there and drink a tea. After short rest we visit Karimkhan citadel (Arg Karimkhani) and Pas Pavilion. Pars pavilion is beautiful monument that now is a museum. It is collection of different kind of art , famous painting and other objects.
-We start our tour from your hotel at 8:00 am and finish our tour about 5:00 pm
It s flexible and if you want we can continue our tour after 5 or after short rest but this is optional.
We can continue visiting Hafez Tomb or Eram garden
Drinking coffee in very good café
Walking near Qoran gate




MEETING POINT OF THE TOUR : Shahrdari square

PRICE INCLUDES : the meal in one of the most famous restaurant that is close to Vakil Bazaar “saray mehr”
main dish+ drink

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE : the entrance fee of museums and other places are not included. but i write it here for you to know how much you should pay

Site Entrance fee
Nasir mosque 3$ Vakil bath 3$
Narenjestan 5$ Arg karimkhan 5$
Vakil mosque 3$ Pars Pavilion 5$
Eram garden 5$ Hafez tomb 5$

you should pay entrance fees in Iranian money this price may change.


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