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Places In Barcelona You Cannot Afford To Miss When Riding A Motorcycle

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All work and no fun make life monotonous and uninteresting to a significant level. If you are an adventure lover and enjoy riding motorcycles, the best option when you visit Barcelona is to take a tour of the picturesque city by motorbike. Multiple agencies in this tourist-friendly town provide bike and scooter rental services.

With so many incredible landscapes to explore, riding motorcycles while vacationing in Barcelona, Spain, is pretty popular. Being such a famous tourist spot, a motorcycle trip is definitely full of fun. However, it is paramount to ensure you choose the most trusted motorcycle rental Barcelona Company. Here are some beautiful places you can visit when you go on a motorcycle tour in Barcelona.

Tibidabo Mountain

Barcelona boasts numerous fantastic locations, and Tibidabo is certainly one of them. It is a must-visit site for everyone who loves riding a motorcycle. Several curved paths leading up to the majestic mountain let bikers enjoy riding while witnessing breathtaking views of the city. In the Collserola range, the highest peak is Tibidabo, which is 500m above sea level.

Montjuic Mountain Road

Do not miss this place when in Barcelona on a motorbike tour alone or with your partner. The sole reason is to soak up the enjoyable bike riding experience. The roads will lead you to one of the most eye-catching and stunning spots from where you will catch a panoramic view of the gorgeous Barcelona city. Montjuic is incredibly popular among everyone enthusiastic about motorcycle riding.

Las pozas de Aiguafreda

The natural beauty of the pools of Aiguafreda and the nearby freshwaters attract tourists as well as motorbike enthusiasts. Visit this naturally wonderful place as it is located between the Collformic to Seva routes.

Make sure you opt for a bike or scooter rental Barcelona from a reliable company. You can stop your vehicle and take a dip in the large pools with pristine water to feel ultimate relaxation before beginning your journey.


You will thoroughly enjoy the riding experience on the windy roads of Montseny because of the surrounding mesmerising view. The place is located amidst lush green dense forests, sure to captivate you and take your motorcycle tour experience to the next level. Just be extremely cautious when you ride between two cliffs. It is sensible to go at low speeds and enjoy the surrounding view.

Not every place mentioned above is safe to visit by motorcycle at night. Riding a rental motorbike during the daytime until the sun sets will allow you to witness the natural beauty of each location and catch a view of the charming, vibrant city of Barcelona.

Before renting a motorcycle in Spain, you should minutely read the contract. Usually, the terms and conditions of the rental agencies vary. For instance, you should check whether the insurance of the motorcycle is valid. If you want to rent a touring motorcycle in Spain, visit BikesBooking’s official site. The platform allows you to compare prices and rental terms easily. You can even rent the motorcycle online from their platform.

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