Tips and Tricks for Skiing with Kids


If you have already spent time on the slopes and absolutely love it, it makes sense that you would want your kids to enjoy it too. However, it is important to remember that skiing with children is a different experience to an adults-only skiing holiday. That being said, you can have a wonderful family holiday in the snow if you are fully prepared and know what to expect. The following tips will help to make your skiing holiday even more special.

Make Sure Your Child Has Lessons

You might be thinking that it would be fun to teach your child to ski yourself. After all, you know them best and you have the skills to show them what to do. But do you really? You might be able to ski, and you may even think you are quite good at it, but knowing how to ski does not mean you can teach someone else to do it. It is best to leave this to professionals who are experienced in teaching children. Doing it yourself could lead to frustration for you and your child.

Rent Equipment

Heading off for a ski holiday is very exciting, and part of the excitement comes when you are packing your bags. But according to the good folk at Canyon Sports, you should avoid the temptation to purchase skis for your children and rent them instead. Ski rental makes more sense because the experts in the ski shop will be able to pair your child with the skis and boots that will fit perfectly. There is no point in buying skis or boots until you know that your child actually enjoys skiing. And because children grow so quickly, you could find that the equipment you have purchased is unsuitable the next time you hit the slopes.

Make Sure Your Kids are Warm

There is nothing worse than skiing when you feel cold or wet. Remember, your child is likely to fall quite a bit when learning to ski, so it is important to buy moisture-wicking base layers and then choose a warm fleecy mid layer before putting on the waterproof outer layer. Choose warm socks and double up to keep feet warm and cozy. Remind your child to keep their gloves on when outside as it can get very cold otherwise.

Protect Your Child’s Skin

Because of the cold, it is easy to forget that the sun can be quite strong on the slopes, so make sure you protect your child with sunscreen and a pair of googles. It is best to opt for polarized goggles as these make it easier to see due to reducing glare.

Pack Snacks

You may be able to go for hours on the slopes without eating, but it might be a bit different for your child. Be prepared and have some snacks with you for in-between meals. Kids who are hungry are likely to be grumpy, as you well know, and so they may not want to stay on the slopes.

Be Patient

Skiing is tough and challenging and your child may not want to ski for the entire day. Take it at their pace and give them a break as and when they need it. Your child is likely to enjoy skiing much more when it feels like fun.


Skiing with children can be fun and exciting, but it can also be challenging. While they are learning, be patient and do whatever you can to make it enjoyable. Keep the child warm and dry and make sure you pack snacks to stop them getting hangry.

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