A Beginner’s Guide To Climbing Mount Toubkal

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A Mount Toubkal trek may be exactly what you’re searching for if you’re planning a trip to Morocco soon and want to do something exciting. But first, here’s all you need to know before you set off!

Difficulty of the Climb

While Toubkal is mostly a non-technical climb that does not necessitate the use of ropes, safety harnesses, or crampons, it still presents a considerable challenge to even experienced hikers.

For those who aren’t used to the thin air that comes with altitude or aren’t in good physical condition, a trek to the summit can be difficult due to the mountain’s height.

However, this is an approachable climb for anyone with a spirit of adventure, a willingness to rough it a little, and a desire to walk along an alpine track.

Safety Tips

A hike to the peak of Toubkal, like climbing Kilimanjaro, is extremely safe. The trails are well-marked and simple to navigate. For the most part, this is just a strenuous trek to the top of a tall mountain with very little risk of serious injury. Climber fatalities and serious injuries are uncommon.

However, there are certain inherent risks associated with hiking in high alpine areas, such as the possibility of altitude sickness. This can induce headaches, nausea, and upset stomachs, among other symptoms.

Sleeping and eating might be difficult when suffering from altitude sickness. It can also result in serious sickness or death in extreme circumstances.

Hiring a Guide

To climb Toubkal, you do not need to hire a guide. If you’re an experienced traveller who feels at ease in the wilderness, you can go it alone, which many trekkers do.

Hiring a guide, on the other hand, has some great advantages, such as interacting with like-minded hikers on the trail and having someone show you the best route to the summit.

A guided hike also increases your safety because you’ll have someone who knows the mountain looking after you and checking on your health and well-being along the way.

How Long Does it Take to Climb the Mountain

“How long does it take to trek to the summit of the mountain?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by hikers. The number of days required varies depending on whether you hire a guide or undertake it alone – as well as your physical fitness.

Most guided Toubkal treks last three days, with the majority of the climbing taking place on the first two days and the descent taking place on the third and final day. Some tour providers may include an extra day or two to aid acclimatisation or to climb neighbouring lower peaks.

The Best Time to Go

While Mount Toubkal can be climbed at any time of year, there are some months that are better than others. April and May in the spring give cool, moderate temperatures with no rain or precipitation, and September and October in the autumn tend to match those circumstances.

For those of you that want to avoid the crowds, the seasons of late May/early June and late August/early September are good times to visit. The weather is generally pleasant in both cases, although trekkers haven’t yet begun to arrive in big numbers.

Hopefully this beginners guide has helped you decide whether Morocco should be your next adventure!

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