Top Tourist Destinations


Travellers are constantly seeking inspiration to guide their journeys. When you’re gazing at a globe, it might be challenging to develop a list of locations to visit. What are the world’s top tourist destinations? What are the most iconic sights every tourist has on their bucket list of things to see across the globe?

Start your life’s bucket list with our list of the world’s best tourist sites.


No matter how rocky things become between our countries, we Brits will always have a soft spot in our hearts for all things French. Francophiles have many new places to explore, from the Channel Isles to the Mediterranean islands. Corsica’s beaches and backroads cycling rank high on our list of favourite French vacations. If you’re looking for a place to kick back, relax, and take in the scenery, a luxury barge with exquisite food, wine, and excursions is an option.

For gorgeous sandy beaches, surfing, and seafood, head to Aquitaine in the southwest. Cross a bridge to reach the lovely island of Ile de Ré, which is home to mediaeval settlements, pine trees, and bike trails. Skiing on a budget or with a family specialist is possible in the French Alps, and the mountains are also a terrific place for a summer activity vacation. In Nice, you may rent a château or enjoy the sun and glitz.


It doesn’t get much better than Italy’s cuisine, culture, and natural beauty. Each area of Italy is distinct, with its cuisine, culture, and languages. From the stunning Arabic architecture in portions of southern Italy during the Moor invasion to the old Roman ruins and subterranean towns in the capital, the architectural landscape and history are unrivalled. See some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear seas in Sardinia and Puglia, and taste some of the most incredible cuisines in the world in Sicily, from seafood pasta dishes to mouthwatering buffalo mozzarella pizza.


Spain has long been a favourite of British vacationers, and it remains the country’s top vacation destination. The Balearic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca, in particular, are perennial heavyweights. Tenerife, as well as the lesser-known La Gomera and La Palma, are other famous Canary Islands. The Costa de la Luz and Catalonia are two excellent mainland beach resorts. Despite its stunning, uninhabited beaches, rolling countryside, mountains, historic villages, and pulsating urban centres, many visitors ignore northern Spain. It’s genuine, reasonably priced, and the cuisine is delicious.

Affect of lockdown on tourism

Some nations are contemplating relaxing coronavirus quarantines to reopen their borders. According to the World Tourism Organization, international visitor numbers might drop by 80% by 2020. Before the crisis, France was the most visited nation in the world. With lockdowns beginning to lift, several countries are considering restarting a critical economic engine: tourism.

These nations have also been among the worst impacted by COVID-19. The United States, Italy, France, and Spain have the most significant number of confirmed coronavirus fatalities. According to the International Monetary Fund, lockdowns wreaked havoc on these economies and many others worldwide, and nations depending on travel and tourism saw “especially substantial” disruptions.

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