Amazing Australia Watersport Destinations To Visit Over Summer


Australia, with its consistently beautiful weather and extensive coastline, is a top destination for those wanting to soak up the sunshine and sleep on the beach. Its pure sands and incredible waters also attract a huge number of watersports enthusiasts, both international and local, those who want to experience their chosen activity within some of the most idyllic environments the southern hemisphere has to offer.

If you are planning an exciting summer getaway and want to spend it out on (or in!) the water, then we have a list for you, one that collects together the country’s most sought after and unique watersport destinations.

Bells Beach

Even those unfamiliar with surfing culture are likely to be familiar with Bells Beach. It is an iconic stretch with some of the country’s most impressive waves, being home to the famous Rip Curl Pro competition. The shore is celebrated for good reason and whether you’re visiting to improve your ability or surf the signature breaks, you’re assured to have a memorable experience.

Torquay is also a fantastic city for watersports, with a number of groups dedicated to promoting their activities and supporting newcomers, as well as a number of high-end stores that will be to meet all your equipment needs.

Bellamy Beach

Sometimes considered a lesser-known spot in Sydney, Bellamy Beach epitomises all that is great about Australia’s beach environments. Golden sand, crystal waters, and stunning vistas. While it is a great spot for sunbathing and diving alike, it has become a go-to location for the stand-up paddleboard community.

This is largely due to the little wind that the beach receives, ensuring relatively calm water that is ideal for newcomers to the SUP activity.

Lawn Hill Gorge

If beaches aren’t entirely your scene, or you are, perhaps, looking for a totally unique experience, then Lawn Hill Gorge might just be for you. Found in Boodjamulla National Park, the gorge is abundant with blazing red rocks, gorgeous waterfalls, and dense forests, all of which make the perfect backdrop for those wanting to SUP or kayak.


Set among Australia’s Gold Coast, Greenmount hosts some of the country’s most beguiling views, with its clear waters having regular surf that places it among most professionals’ favourite destinations. It’s also quite a sheltered location with predictable forecasts, which is great for those wanting to enjoy a consistent pace.

Whitsunday Islands

If diving is your choice watersport, then Australia has plenty of coves and reefs that may take your fancy but it is Whitsunday Islands, near the iconic Great Barrier Reef, that will be the most memorable experience. There are seventy-four islands to choose from and each has its own character and collection of pristine beaches.

The archipelago also has an abundance of aquatic life too, meaning that each trip into the water, whether you are snorkelling, scuba diving, or simply swimming, will have you in the company of fish and turtles, with the opportunity to spot whales too.

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