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How many days prior to the trip one can buy a forex card?

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When you decide to take a break and go on a trip the first thing you will take into account is the forex. Even if you are a student going abroad, the case remains the same. So, you will log on to your pc and search for money changers near you to buy forex.

But the thing you need to know is that there is a period during which you can buy the forex for your international travel. It is 180 days before the date of your travel. You should possess a passport and a visa of the visiting nation to buy the foreign currency or the forex card.

What’s a forex card?

It is a forex product designed for travelers to make their trip even more memorable and carefree. If you are possessing currency there is a high risk of losing it or getting it stolen. And that’s where the forex card is at front. It requires a PIN to validate transactions that you only know. It can be blocked if in case it is stolen. You can pay bills and cash out cash just like you do with a debit or credit card. Moreover, you can have a track of the expenses you do when you are in your jovial mood.

There are different types of forex cards like the single currency card and multicurrency forex card. The single currency cards are the best forex cards for students because they will be staying mostly in the same country during their studies. Multi-currency cards are suitable for frequent travelers who visit different countries because you can load more than one country’s currencies in them.

So, if you have only 180 days for your international trip don’t waste time and start looking for the dollar card rate today and apply for the forex card. It will help you to buy the forex cards at the best rates and so you get a better value for your local currency.

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