A Beginner’s Guide to Delhi’s Famous Sarojini Nagar Market


Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Market is one of the most visited places by tourists and locals alike. This is one market where you will find everything, from clothes to home appliances, at bargain prices. You name it and you can find it in this marketplace. Sarojini Nagar Market is not only a great place to shop for clothes but also a hub for mouthwatering street food. So, go ahead and book a Leh to Delhi flight to experience it for yourself.

Getaways are much needed these days and you might’ve taken many by getting on to those Chennai to Cochin flights for the weekend. So, this time, make a slight change in plans and come visit Sarojini Nagar Market.

Your Personal Guide to Sarojini Nagar

1.    Carry Cash

This market can easily carry you away with its amazing prices and the number of things on offer. This means you might end up spending way too much, sometimes on things you might not even need. But a thing to remember in a marketplace such as this one is to always carry cash. Although you will find ATMs here, they usually have exceptionally long queues.

2.    Never Rush

A marketplace like this usually has a lot of their surplus displayed out on racks with signboards saying “Only Rs. 100.” These racks, if searched through carefully, can help you find some great buys at very low prices. These racks are almost never-ending. There are rows filled with these racks on either side and there is a lot to skim through. So, never rush!

3.    Bargain

Bargaining is a skill you should brush up on before visiting the market. The moment you show enthusiasm for a product and ask for the price, the shopkeeper usually tends to increase the price. So, while bargaining, settle for about 30% less than the asking price for a fair deal. Take a flight from HYD to Delhi to check out the amazing stock of items Sarojini Nagar has to offer.

4.    Carry a “Jhola”

A “jhola” is what a large shopping bag is called in Delhi. It could be a backpack, or even a handbag to keep all your purchases in. Getting carried away in this market is not a new thing. But carrying all your purchases in different tiny plastic bags can get uncomfortable and it’s not very eco-unfriendly. So, carry a backpack or a decent-sized bag, where you can keep all the things you buy.

5.    Do NOT Neglect the walls

Though many shopkeepers will take out items you’d like from these huge piles to show you, never miss out on checking the walls. The walls can guarantee some nice purchases, especially in denim jackets or just normal crop tops. The shop owners have years of practice and know what appeals to different types of street shoppers. So, never miss a wall!

This winter, why don’t you beat the snow and catch a Leh to Delhi flight and experience this street shopping marvel, which offers a wide range of winter fashion too.

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