Where You Can Find the Best European River Cruises


There are multiple cruise options available globally for travel enthusiasts who want to get in-depth tours of their favorite destinations and know their culture, history, art, food, and entertainment intimately. Cruises trips allow you to explore each location at your pace, with pre-made itineraries that serve as a great guide to help you discover more of each destination without having to worry about missing out on touring experiences or planning your trip yourself. Among hundreds of cruise options available internationally, cruises in Europe are inarguably the best.

European River Cruises allow cruise-goers to experience the best European destinations along popular rivers like the Danube, Seine, Elbe, Moselle, Rhine, Douro, Main, Rhone, and more. These rivers pass through some of the most beautiful European countries, offering travelers a chance to see stunning landscapes, beautiful historic buildings, and ethereal natural views. These cruise itineraries comprise hand-picked experiences curated by touring experts to ensure that each itinerary offers a complete experience and explores each location in-depth.

Finding the Best European River Cruises

You can find the best European River Cruises offered by Authentic Voyages in four different ways, i.e., choosing by city, country, river, or cruise line. You can choose an itinerary based on your choice of European river that lists all your favorite destinations. It is also possible to choose according to your favorite European cities, like Paris, Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, and more. Cruises can also be chosen by countries, like Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Denmark, and Austria, among others.

Alternatively, one of the best options for choosing your favorite European River Cruise is selecting your preferred cruise line. Authentic Voyages offers three stellar cruise lines, including the Uniworld Boutique, Scenic, and Viking River Cruises. These cruise lines offer multiple itineraries based on cities, countries, and rivers, and you can easily choose the one you like best based on the number of destinations or your preferred duration of travel.

Each cruise line features vessels with luxurious amenities that match or exceed the living facilities offered at some of the best five-star hotels in the world. Each cruise ship has a host of fun activities, including gym and fitness centers, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and more. Luxurious sun decks ensure that you will enjoy the best views of the sea, horizon, and European cities aboard the cruise ship, and the optimal guest-staff ratio for each vessel guarantees that you will get the best service throughout your trip across Europe.


European rivers are home to some of the best destinations on the continent. If you want to take a cruise in Europe, you can book your favorite travel itinerary based on rivers, cities, countries, or cruise lines. Each cruise line offers luxurious amenities and round-the-clock services, ensuring that your trip is as comfortable as possible. Pre-made itineraries are expertly curated to deliver the most authentic European travel experience, allowing you to enjoy the best of food, art, music, theatre, and more. You can visit the official websites of Authentic Voyages’ cruise lines to learn more and book your trip for the 2022-23 season.

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