Which Cruise Lines Offer Lake Ontario cruises?


Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes in North America. As far as its geographical location is concerned, you will realize that this lake is located between Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA. It usually gets its water from the Niagara River. However, its outlet is St. Lawrence Seaway. The lake also has a water volume of 393 cu mi and a total surface area of 7340 square mi. It is actually the 13th largest lake in the world.

Historically, this lake has been a trading hub for ages and usually attracts about 13 million visitors per year. If you want to explore this lake, you should book your cruise early enough to avoid getting inconvenienced. There are several extravagant ships for you to choose from that offer a Lake Ontario cruise experience you will not soon forget!

Victory Cruise Lines, Victory I and II

If you choose to use this cruise line, you will start your voyage in Chicago, Illinois, and enjoy scenic sailing on the Lake Michigan. You can have stopovers on Mackinac Island or Sault Ste. Marie, Mi. Here, you can have some rest and buy a few snacks before embarking on your cruise ship.  You can then proceed to Little Current/Manitoulin Island and later on enjoy scenic sailing on Lake Huron. From Lake Huron, you can proceed to Detroit, Mi, and then Cleveland, OH.

Other destinations that you may visit include Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Montreal, QC. For optimal results, you can opt to cruise on different days of the week so that you have ample time to rest and enjoy the scenic view of the lake and its environs. To explore all these destinations, you may need to spend 13 days or thereabout cruising.

Ponant, Le Bellot

The cruise mentioned above starts in Toronto with stopovers in several other destinations along the way. Some of these places include Montreal, Saguenay, Baddeck, Bar Harbor and so much more. If you want to take this cruise, have in mind that it will take about 15 days. For optimal results, you can visit each destination on a particular day so that you can have time to have fun with friends and relatives. Here, you can choose to do shopping, take a meal, and enjoy the scenery, take photos and so much more.

Ponant, Le Dumont-D’Urville

This cruise starts in Montreal and then ends at Gloucester. There are many stopovers along the way such as Quebec, Perce, Lunenburg, and Provincetown. At these destinations, you will have the luxury to do shopping, take meals, and even enjoy the scenery. If you had carried a camera, you can take several photos to keep memories of your vacation. The entire cruise will only take about 13 days or thereabout. Complete it and you will have an experience like no other.


Those are the main cruises lines that offer Lake Ontario Cruise. Like we mentioned above, there is a need to book your preferred cruise line early in advance to avoid further inconveniences. In case you are looking for an activity to keep you busy during your next vacation, cruising on Lake Ontario should top the list of your priorities.

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